Saturday, 26 July 2008

Primavera Aroma Care

This week Naturisimo is launching the Primavera Life Neroli & Cassis organic skin care range. Aroma Face Care – Instantly Hydrating, Naturally Protecting, Powerfully Anti-Ageing – offers everyday moisture with Organic Neroli and Cassis to balance, calm and soothe the senses and at the same time smooth, strengthen and soften the skin - sealing in natural moisture.
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If a product bears the Primavera logo, I am confident of their quality. Naturisimo has been stocking the Primavera incredible range of organic beauty products for over 4 years, products that are widely regarded among the top therapists as the finest in Europe. My experience with Primavera products proves this to be true. Primavera offers among the highest quality organic essential oils and products on the planet. The founders, Ute and Kurt personally ensure the high standards of their plants and oils and are committed to support their farmers, suppliers, customers and the earth. The Primavera Skin Care range of Neroli & Cassis is now available at Naturisimo The Organic Skincare Company.