Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Barefoot SOS Face and Body Cream Reviews

Review of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Rescue Me Face and Body Cream
by Debra S.

Packaging: Barefoot SOS Face and Body Cream packaging is basically a white tube and clear lid with lots of information on the front and back, including a logo, but no other images. This is a very simple and unimpressive packaging design with font print in turquoise, black and silver.
Application: It takes a few seconds to sink into the skin, but is very light and non-greasy. I would have preferred a more creamy concoction. It smelt like paradise, however, although it was definitely not overpowering. I would rate this as a fantastic fragrance in which I could smell both the lavender and orange blossom.
Ingredients: Well, the ingredients are listed on the packaging as containing: borage oil, shea butter, evening primrose oil, calendula, burdock, mahonia, French lavender, chamomile and orange blossom. The website also states that the Barefoot Botanicals SOS Cream ingredients include: neroli, comfrey and chickweed. There is a full list of every ingredient on the very simple to read website. I am happy with these, as they include some of my favourites and most trusted natural remedies for dry skin.
Results: I was incredibly impressed with the results of Barefoot Botanicals SOS Cream. I have some eczema on my elbows and noted that this cream was suitable for the condition. I must say it certainly was, as upon my very first application, it calmed this complaint down and it seemed to disappear with the second application. There were no allergic reactions at all, despite having very sensitive skin. Barefoot Botaniclas SOS Cream felt wonderful on both my face and neck and afterwards my skin felt really soft and silky to touch. I also used it on my hands, which are very dry at the moment, and, it made them instantly soft too. The results lasted for hours and hours. It is quite economical too, as I did not apply much. Barefoot Botaniclas SOS Cream is a fabulous cream which I would be very happy to buy…
Pros: No allergies at all
It smelt fantastic
Natural ingredients which I know and trustListed ingredients on the packaging
Cured my eczema, at least temporarily
Quenched my dry skin
Made my skin feel soft and silky to touch
Cured my eczema, at least temporarily
Quenched my dry skinMade my skin feel soft and silky to touch
The packaging is a little cheap looking
It was not as rich as I prefer creams to be