Thursday, 4 March 2010

Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion Reviews

Review of Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Face Lotion
by Caroline S.
Packaging: The Rosa Fina face lotion comes in a lovely glass bottle with a pump dispenser. I personally think that this packaging is absolutely perfect for such a beautiful, natural product. The branding is printed on a transparent wrap so the entire contents of the bottle are visible. The Rosa fina lotion itself is a delicious fresh white colour and the opaque white pump dispenser means that there is no risk of contamination of the product - unlike dipping your finger in a pot of cream. The overall effect of the packaging is of a lotion that is fresh and pure and thoroughly inviting.
Application: The pump dispenser on the Rosa Fina face lotion deserves a special mention because it is just so downright fabulous. It actually dispenses, in one single pump, the precise amount needed to cover your entire face. That probably doesn't sound too thrilling - but if you consider the amount of wasteage you get with some dispensers, this is a real marvel. It is small things like that that really show the company puts thought and effort into their products - and I want to applaud Barefoot Botanicals for a small thing that makes a big difference. So, after being delighted with my first squirt, I was thoroughly pleased to discover that the Rosa Fina lotion has a good density to it. I have been disappointed in the past by lotions that are incredibly watery but the Rosa Fina is more of a lightweight cream. The smell is mouthwatering and, pleasantly, a little stronger than I expected. I don't always find rose-scented products to be particularly impressive, however this lotion packs a surprising punch. The scent is rather like spicy turkish delight and, whilst not being overwhelming, it does linger enough to make you feel sensuous and exotic - remember the old Turkish Delight adverts?
The Rosa Fina face lotion is absorbed almost instantly into the skin leaving it velvety soft and not remotely greasy. Now for the best part - the description on the bottle hints at a firming action - and wow, does it deliver! Skin does feel immediately tightened and firm. The only way I can describe it is to say that it is similar to the feeling you get after using a toner and letting it evaporate off your skin. It is taut but in no way dry or unpleasant feeling. Absolutely wonderful under make-up because it dries matte, it gives you a really youthful, bright complexion.
Ingredients: rosa mosqueta, plus coltsfoot, horsetail and lady’s mantle strengthen collagen and elastin, plump fine lines and firm skin. Argan, borage and jojoba oils provide essential fatty acids to soothe and strengthen the skin’s barrier and protect against moisture loss and environmental damage.

Results: Well, the name of this product is Rosa Fina joie de vivre - which translates as "the joy of living" and I certainly feel that it lives up to its name. It is so quick and simple to apply and yet the results are immediate - firmer, plumper skin and moisturisation in one. Ah, you ask, instant firming but does it last? Well, in my case, yes. I can honestly say that my skin looks more refined and plumped. I am noticing that after 3 weeks of using Rosa Fina daily, my foundation is gliding on a lot more smoothly and my cheeks seem more defined and youthful in appearance.
Now, although it claims to reduce scarring, rosacea and pigmentation, I personally haven't noticed any signs yet of my ruddy cheeks being calmed by this lotion. Although, to be fair, I think it probably takes longer than 20 days to see results such as that. What I can tell you, is that I was so genuinely impressed with the firming action of the face lotion, that I have treated myself to a bottle of the Rosa Fina "lifting and firming" body lotion too!

Pros: Fabulous pump dispenser means less waste and no contamination of product
A little goes a long way - so it works out as very cost effective
Fantastic matte finish means it is wonderful either under make-up or worn alone on a bare face
Wonderful, enchanting smell
Instant feeling of tightened skin and a genuine plumping action with repeated use
Cons: If you have very dry/sore skin you may not like the taut feeling it gives
Very dry skin may benefit more from a heavier cream rather than this lotion

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