Friday, 28 January 2011

Caudalie Anti-wrinkle Ultra-nourishing Cream

Review of Caudalie anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing cream.

By Sue B.

Packaging: Caudalie anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing cream comes in a soft pink tube with a lid that enables you to stand it upright, keeping the cream at the top of the tube. The information on the tube is: the application details, how soon it is to be used after opening and a website address. The green text on the soft pink tube makes a good contrast for reading.

Application: The instructions state to apply morning and evening to face and neck therefore this would reduce the need for separate moisturisers. The Caudalie rich white cream is easily applied and absorbed within moments. It gives the feel of a good quality moisturiser with little fragrance and no tightness after applying.

Ingredients: There is no list of ingredients on the tube so I referred to the website for more information. On inspection, the ingredients appear to be all naturally sourced with no parabens, phenoxyethanol, artificial colourings or mineral oils.

Results: I’ve been using Caudalie anti-wrinkle ultra-nourishing cream for very dry skin for the past three weeks as my skin is generally dry and I moisturise daily. I enjoyed the feel of the deep moisturising properties yet I have not noticed any smoothing of wrinkles. I think this would be an ideal product for anyone with very dry skin or who spends a lot of time outside, particularly during the winter months.


It has anti oxidant properties.

It is both a day and evening moisturiser, so this would reduce the need for separate products.

It is made of natural ingredients.

It is not tested on animals.


It tends to leave a slight residue

It is recommended for very dry skin or those that are exposed to harsh climates only.

It costs £27.50p for a 40ml tube so is quite expensive.

Caudalie Anti-wrinkle Ultra-nourishing Cream (£27.50) and Caudalie products are available at