Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Eco Organic Compact Bronzer Reviews

Review of Nvey Eco Organic Compact Bronzer
By Sally Sisson

Packaging: Nvey Eco Organic Compact Bronzer comes in a black plastic compact case with internal mirror. The casing is simple and functional not glamorous and arrived inside a printed cardboard box with the product details on.

Application: The powder comes with a foam powder sponge. This is not suitable for application; I tried and ended up with very patchy brown streaks. The best method is a soft blusher brush. The colour pigment is very intense and it only requires a very light touch to pick up some of the powder.Having said this it does blend very well once on the skin.

Ingredients: The Nvey Eco Products range boast organic ingredients, the colours come from mineral pigments and the base uses cornstarch, carrot oil and chamomile amongst others ingredients. The products are made in Australia and the Organic certification comes from The Organic Food Chain Pty Ltd.

Results: My skin is fair and this Nvey product was a little too dark for me. I went from English rose to Australian tan very quickly on first use. I discovered that a light touch was the way to go and subsequent use has produced a more subtle healthy glow. The colour is very believable and I can’t wait to use it in the summer when my natural skin colouring is a little warmer. The Organic Compact Bronzer stayed put during the day.


Very believable colour not at all orange.

Powder blends well on the skin.

Had good lasting power through out the day.

Excellent colour for medium to dark skins or those who already have a good tan.


Packaging is pretty boring.

Too dark for very pale skins.

Nvey Eco Organic Compact Bronzer (£23.00) Nvey Eco Makeup Products are available at