Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Natural Being Manuka Dry Skin Day Cream Reviews

Review of Natural Being Manuka Dry Skin Cream
By Anisa B.

Packaging: Natural Being Manuka Dry Skin Cream comes in a white 50ml tube. The product is easily and hygienically dispensed which I like.

The moisturiser smells ‘natural’ and has a honey smell to it which is actually quite pleasant and sweet not overpowering. The consistency is creamy and thick but not greasy or oily. It’s easy to massage on to the skin and absorbs into the skin quickly and the skin feels nice and supple.

Ingredients: Active Manuka Honey which is the main ingredient in Natural Being products is Proven to revitalize the skin by gently stimulating cell renewal, as it hydrates and maintains moisture levels without feeling greasy, leaving the skin glowing with health.
Manuka Oil, for its unique anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties, which fight the micro-organisms that cause irritation and blemishes. There are no additional ingredients in here that would cause irritation to sensitive skin, and the ingredients are all vegan/vegetarian.

Result: This Manuka Dry Skin Cream is a good budget buy moisturiser, I think it is more suited to normal skin rather than dry skin only; it is moisturising in terms of giving the skin oil but not that moisturising in terms of adding moisture to the skin. So if the skin is dehydrated, this isn’t the best one out there. I do like the smell however, and think it is worth trying for the price and for the Manuka ingredients.

The pros of this moisturiser are:
Hygienic tube
Lovely smell
The cons of this moisturiser are:
Not hydrating enough

Natural Being Manuka Dry Skin Cream (£7.50) and Natural Being are available at