Friday, 7 October 2011

Luzern Micro Exfoliant Reviews

Review of Luzern Micro Exfoliant
Emma FT

Application: The texture of Luzern Micro Exfoliant is very different from any other scrub I’ve used as the beads are not at all abrasive but soft. I would say the texture is more like a cream cleanser with beads in it than a traditional facial scrub. It doesn’t sting or burn and my skin feels clean without feeling tight. Luzern Micro Exfoliant also left my skin very receptive to moisturisers which soaked in quicker than usual. It has a natural, mild scent similar to natural yoghurt which is very pleasant. I love applying this scrub has it is so gentle on my skin but gives impressive results.

Results: Luzern Micro Exfoliant claims to “even the skin tone and renew natural radiance” which it lives up to. My skin has a lovely even colour, feels soft, is pretty much blemish free and looks very radiant. I’ve actually been using less foundation since using this scrub.

Luzern Micro Exfoliant doesn’t dry out my skin.
• Has helped reduce the amount of blemishes I have.
• Makes my skin feel very soft & receptive to any products I use afterwards.

• I think £30 is quite a lot for a facial scrub.
• The bottle design isn’t very good. The beads get stuck in the pump.

Luzern Micro Exfoliant (£30) and other Luzern products are available at