Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Keep it Simple!

As much as I love a full on skincare routine, things don’t always need to be complicated. Multipurpose products can be just as effective as 2 or 3 separate ones. The key is in finding the best products, to give you the best possible performance from the least amount of effort; luckily Naturisimo have lots for you to choose from.

For fuss free cleansing + makeup removal, wipes can do the job, honestly! Organic Surge Kiss & Makeup Cleansing Wipes (£3.56) are a steal at this price, and combine convenience and care leaving your face makeup free and refreshed. If you aren’t a fan of wipes then try Skin Blossom Gentle Cleansing Milk (£5.95) Again, so reasonably priced- and can you believe 92% organic, too- and designed to remove makeup while revitalising and nurturing skin.

For moisturised skin all over, try the appropriately named Trilogy Everything Balm (£10.60). If the Guardian, UK call it “the ultimate multi-purpose cream” then it surely must be worth a go. This balm soothes, softens and conditions skin anywhere on the face or body, making it the perfect travel companion when space is tight in your luggage, or just as a good all-rounder for those who like to keep things simple. 

When it comes to makeup, we can easily forget that simple looks work too. A good multi-purpose product is a must. Ilia Multi Stick (£29.95) brings colour to cheeks, lips and eyes, so no need to cart around several products with you to touch up your look during the day or evening. With 4 shades to choose from there will be one (or more) that suits you, and as you only need one of them it is well worth the investment if you don’t splash out on new makeup often.

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