Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Modern Nails with an Edge

INTENSAE is modern and luxurious with an edge: a range of high-performance nail lacquers using an exclusive 5-free formula and combining equal measures of work and play for a healthy yet indulgent lifestyle. Here we catch up with co-founders, Christian and James.

Where do you see your (brand/self) in 5 years?
Christian: Happy, independent and being able to share with others, same goes for the brand.
James: We will continue to develop INTENSAE with even more exciting and innovative products. It’s important we give back and remain committed to the creation of coveted products that remain healthy and safe to use.

What are your everyday beauty/wellbeing essentials?
Christian: I start the day with a hot water and lemon. It’s important to focus on the inside as well. Coconut oil is my all time favourite essential, I use it everyday. It’s good for my skin. Sometimes I even use it for my hair if it’s dry. I also love a nice bar of soap, preferably from an independent brand.
James: I have recently started making my own Kombucha tea as I am fascinated by the natural health benefits it offers. I make green juices using a cold press juicer and I also swear by hot water and lemon, coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

What’s your all time favourite Intensae colour?
Christian: My all time favourite colour is ‘Wednesday’.
James: This is difficult as they each mean so much to me. If I had to choose one I would say ‘Memo’ as it’s the perfect shade of red that suits many people and looks good in every season, ‘Memo’ is a classic and every woman should own at least one red nail lacquer.

What’s you one ‘do’ and one ‘don’t’ at work?
Christian: Being honest and humble; constantly pushing boundaries, even the small ones (everyone needs to start somewhere). What others think is none of my business and last but not least don’t be afraid of anything in life. I don’t really focus on the things I can’t do. Maybe there is one…don’t waste time.
James: Always be grateful, even for the challenges as they help us grow and never ever settle for mediocrity.

Your tip for work / life balance
Christian: In my opinion the best way to create balance is to be aware. I avoid negativity in order to stay focused and I listen to a lot of inspiring music. I highly recommend a little bit of fresh air once a day. Don’t do anything you don’t believe in.
James: To create balance I do what I love and this way I don’t need to define a separation between my work and free time. Saying that, one of the hardest things for me to do is relax and just be. This is something I am working on as it’s the peaceful time that produces the most productivity and creativity.

Favourite food
Christian: I love good food. Every country on this planet offers something I love. Simple recipes tend to amaze me. I’m definitely into fresh ingredients.
James: I also love food, this question alone makes me hungry. I like all food from different countries incorporating different cultures, especially Japanese, Vietnamese or Italian. I try to eat clean whenever I can but whatever it is I like it to be well made using the best quality ingredients and I follow a healthy/indulgent balance otherwise what’s the point?

What will you be doing this Summer and where will you be?
Christian: I will definitely work on the Fall/Winter colours but also on other personal projects.
I don’t really plan anymore but James and I want to do a little road trip through Italy soon, maybe next month. If you have any recommendations please get in touch.
But It’s not about where you are it’s about what you do.
James: I am looking forward to an Italian road trip. I want to eat too much, get a tan and see many beautiful things. We will be starting work on our winter colours for Christmas which seems completely wrong but needs must if we are to get everything perfect on time.

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