Wednesday, 29 April 2015

The Ultimate Skin-Renewal Rituals

This range of 4 targeted masks offers the perfect cocktail of treatments where vine extracts meet highly purifying clays, with exfoliating and nourishing ingredients for the ultimate skin-renewing ritual.

Inspired by Caudalie’s spa heritage, this Caudalie Mask collection is formulated to fulfil every skincare need. Each mask combines powerful active ingredients with indulgent textures, and each is formulated to target specific needs of each area of your face. Some of these masks are a re-launch but all come in the new packaging and with a better price point (before £19 for 50ml, now each costs £22 for 75mls). Here is our guide to each mask:

Result: Clears and revitalises the complexion
This clay-based mask helps detox and restore balance. The botanical formula of grapes, pink clay and naturally exfoliating papaya enzymes draw out impurities and tighten up pores, freshening and brightening skin.
Formula: 99.3% natural
How to use: Apply a fine layer and rinse away after 10 minutes.

Result: Intensely soothes and calms skin
This mask restores moisture levels to relieve tightness, reduces redness and increases softness thanks to vinolevure and the ultra-nourishing grapeseed oil (rich in restorative omega 6). It’s an ultra creamy, soothing formula that provides deep hydration thanks to an infusion of hyaluronic acid, known for its ability to retain water and plump out the skin.
Formula: 85.5% natural
How to use: Apply in a thick layer and leave for 10 minutes before wiping away any excess.

Result: Balances and helps clear blemishes
This one is ideal for skin with acne or blemishes. It’s full of naturally purifying ingredients and two types of clay, bentonite and kaolin, which absorb excess oil, decongest and soothe your skin. It cleans deeply, diminishes the appearance of pores and removes dead skin cells. Moreover, it can be used as a night-time acne spot treatment by applying a small amount onto affected areas.
Formula: 94% natural
How to use: Apply all over if you have oily skin, just to the T-zone or as a spot treatment. Wait for 10 minutes, then rinse away.

Result: An instant boost of radiance
This peel treatment tightens pores, renews skin texture and provides an immediate radiance. This effective mask helps cellular renewal with exfoliating glycolic acid and papaya extract while Viniferine works to brighten and even out skin tone and illuminating your complexion.
Formula: 87.5% natural
How to use: Apply in a thick layer avoiding the eye area, and leave for 10 minutes. Rinse away gently.

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