Monday, 28 April 2008

Suki Chamomile Serum

Although I my complexion is normally clear, in the last two weeks I've had some trouble with blemishing. So I wanted to test the Suki's facial moisture serum, since it's made from all-natural ingredients and would, theoretically, be gentler on my skin.

The primary ingredient is Jojoba oil, so it has to be applied in very small quantities and massaged into damp toned skin to avoid any greasy consistency. Suki says the serums are very uniquely concentrated and when used as directed, they should not be at all greasy. The Suki Blue Chamomile Serum is actually indicated for oily skin. I really liked this product. It was very mild and kind to my skin. It did seem to improve the pimple situation a bit, although there is still no magic cure. The Suki Blue Chamomile serum and the Suki Pure Cosmetics range is available at Naturisimo The Organic Skincare Company.